January 15, 2013

Loving our bodies just the way they are is a foundational piece of living in a body healthfully, happily and with the ability to access the most possible pleasure.

There is evidence that looking good has little impact on your sex life.

Feeling good, however, has an enormous impact on your sex life.

Thus, acceptance of what our body is like right now is essential to our ultimate happiness and sensual fulfillment, regardless of what our body actually looks like.

What would you have to give up in order to actually feel happy with your body just as it is, right now?

Knowing, of course, that the body is entirely malleable and can be created differently from how it is now if you wish, but that is for another day…


  1. She is a hottie!!!

  2. Charlotte Mia Rose says

    Indeed! I love her hips and breasts, so many beautiful curves to admire, as there are in so many women!

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