The Warmest Color Is Blue

January 1, 2013

Available For Purchase: $300

Inspired by the groundbreaking lesbian film The Warmest Color is Blue,  I thought I’d paint an image depicting a scenario that I particularly love: a woman pleasuring another woman. I find there to be something permissive about observing an image of a woman enjoying the pleasure her body is feeling.

To fully feel pleasure we are receiving (from ourselves or another) we have to choose to let ourselves enjoy the experience. This may sound simple but it can be a complicated moment for many because there are so many cultural barriers we have to unpack to be able to fully enjoy the experience of our bodies. Culturally we feel self conscious about how our bodies look in general or we have concerns about being seen in these moments of ecstasy, aware we may look funny (sometimes we just may!) But of course authentic pleasure is always a joy and privilege to witness.

May we all let ourselves be seen a bit more during sex and more importantly may we give ourselves permission to let our bodies feel the pleasure we are being offered, fully. May we soak in the sensations our bodies and lovers offer us.

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