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Dr. Christiane Northrup has been a leading voice in the world of mind-body wellness for women in the last few decades. As an MD, ex-surgeon and Ob Gyn she wrote a classic book on women’s health: Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom. She has written much about health and pleasure, about mother-daughter relationships, menopause and most recently a delightful children’s book for little girls. Each of her books have been essential reads and ground-breaking work in the field of women’s health and wellness. I am particularly grateful to Dr. Northrup for explaining physically how pleasure is healthy and valuable for women to experience.

This painting is made in thanks to her for all of her work to the field of women’s health, sexuality and pleasure. The painting is an ode to her, by honoring her love of tango. I hear from her writing that it has become a great joy of hers in the last few years as she continues to deepen in the pleasure of being in her body.

Inspired by Dr. Northrup’s work,
May we all continue to know our bodies factually and practically and may that inform how we treat our bodies.
May we heal our lineages of mother daughter relationships.
May we open to the pleasure of being in our blessed female bodies.
May we teach young girls to be awake to the magic and mystery of their bodies as they grow.

I thank you Dr. Northrup for your work in this field, for what you have opened up for women in terms of knowing our bodies more intimately and with more reverence and delight.

Thank you.