Feminist Fridays: January 18, 2013: Sheila Kelley

Sheila Kelley

Sheila Kelley is a leader in this next era of feminism that involves finding a way for women to claim our own sexuality. She is putting forth a vision and practice for women to fully embody their own body, sexiness and power through movement. She created a fitness practice, S Factor, that began the striptease and pole dancing craze in this nation. They use the pole as a tool to inspire gorgeous feminine movement.

She is committed to women activating their “erotic creature” within. When women find this part of themselves their lives change. They become happier, healthier, sexier. They become better partners and parents. Both Sheila and I firmly believe that connecting with ourselves and our sexuality is fuel for life.

At the center of her work is the appreciation of the curves of women, and encouraging women to move in curves and S shapes. She believes that these are natural feminine movements that connect us to our female body fully. Sheila Kelley is doing beautiful work to create spaces where women remember that their bodies are beautiful, sexy and their own. She has created supportive spaces where women can go to undo centuries of shame by dancing amongst other women and feel into the gorgeousness of their own bodies. The practices just happen to involve a pole, womanly camaraderie and a lot of fun.

She is the real deal, doing excellent work for women, our bodies and our sexual freedom through leading women to embody our own flesh with more joy and awareness. She gave a great Tedx talk where she talks more about all this and more.

May we all get in touch with our inner erotic creature and enjoy waking up to our full potential.

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