February 3, 2013

Stretching or yoga is valuable for our sexual health and to feel more sexual pleasure.

The penis, vulva and vagina are surrounded by muscles.

When the muscles are tight in the hips, blood can not get through the muscles as effectively.

Erection is essentially blood flowing into the penis, clitoris or vulva.

Thus the more we can melt tension from within the muscles in our pelvis, the more effectively blood can get to our parts.

Better blood flow to the pelvis can heighten the sensations of arousal.

So stretch your hips, honey, its gonna make everything feel better!

Obviously yoga classes can be great if you choose to prioritize that, but stretching in front of the television for 5 or 10 minutes is also useful.

Taking some time to release some of the long held tension in our hips is a great way to take care of our sexual selves outside of the bedroom, knowing it is beneficial for us in the bedroom later.


  1. Useful with your focus on yoga. I’ve done Pilates now for 2½ years, and yoga for the last month. I can really feel the difference how the muscles around prostate works (after doing pilates), related to orgasm, but also related to all the nice and pleasureable sensations in the play. It really makes a difference, especially because I’m 57 and have lost some sensations at the penis.
    So in my opinion we have to focus on both yoga and pilates :-).

    Have a nice Valentinesday.

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