March 6, 2013

Total Surrender


Available For Purchase: $300

Surrendering fully to another person is something people often associate with intensity, darkness, turning someone’s flesh black and blue, red, leather and ecstatic states…Surrendering to another can also be lighthearted, filled with laughter, play and joy. The act we are participating in does not necessarily determine the mood of the event. One can be in a submissive position, role or act and the experience can be tender, loving, sweet and joyful. Of course many people are turned on by exploring the darker side of our sexuality and choose to use these surrendering positions or acts to get into a particular mental, emotional or sexual state that they enjoy.

Creating a sexual experience is a creative act and there are always a huge range of erotic experiences available to us, there are as many possibilities as we can imagine available to us in any moment. That is, if we can surrender to our desires, express them honestly and clearly, negotiate and thus create them solo or with another human. That is where bravery and skill come in.