Erotic Art

Erotic Art by Charlotte Mia Rose

My erotic art celebrates the strength and power of the female body. I use bright color to celebrate the joyful nature of eroticism and the playfulness of sexual expression.

Erotic art can reflect the full spectrum of the sexual experience: from serene moments of self-love to the intense release of an orgasm. I attempt to capture the full range of emotions and expressions of female sexuality in my erotic art, painting from a place of deep respect for sexuality.

I paint Solo Nudes, as well as some more explicit erotic paintings, depictions of couples making love, and lesbian erotic art.

I believe every body is an erotic work of art, so I offer custom nudes to help you celebrate your own unique beauty. Read more about my custom nude portraits and consider giving yourself this gift or commissioning an erotic art portrait of you and your lover! If you have any questions about my erotic art, custom nudes or any other aspect of my art, please feel free to contact me!

Erotic art has existed in every culture and throughout history. I believe that it is an important part of erotic expression and can serve as a poignant inspiration. When we look at erotic art, our responses give us vital information about our desires, fantasies and sexual identity. Sometimes erotic art may shock you. Other times it will turn you on. Perhaps you will see an erotic quality in the image that you want to embody yourself. Or, a quality that you desire in your lover. Erotic art can be a creative form of sex education, or can simply be an aesthetic pleasure that brings delight.

I’d love to hear about your favorite erotic artists in the comments below!